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What Is a Psychological Addiction to Drugs? Drug Rehab

Content Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Addictions How Does Physical and Psychological Addiction Differ? So, What Is Physiological Dependence? Without addressing the reasons why you’ve been abusing drugs or alcohol, you’re likely to relapse. Substance abuse and mental health treatment helps you identify trauma, mental health challenges, relationship struggles, and other situations that often fuel addiction. […]

Drug Tolerance Signs and Symptoms

Contents What is drug tolerance? Pharmacodynamic Tolerance How is drug tolerance addressed if you need medication? How to Prevent Drug Tolerance Drug Tolerance Definition Psychology Drug insensitivity to prescription medication will cause a doctor to have to up the dosage or switch someone to a new medication so they can continue treating a medical condition. […]

Gastric Bypass And Alcohol Use: Understanding the Risks

Contents: Alcohol and the stomach Fast Facts About Depression and Substance Use Scientists have competing ideas for why gastric bypass patients show higher rates of alcohol abuse post-surgery Ditch the idea of addiction transfer I had gastric bypass in 2005 and slowly began realizing I usually don’t stop once I start drinking. I can drink […]

What Does Being Drunk Look Like? The Science of Getting Drunk Explained Sunset Alcohol Flush Support

Content What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Teenage Drug Or Alcohol Use? It takes more than one hour to metabolize one serving of alcohol. Public Health Impact of Excessive Alcohol Use Bloodstream The Long-Term Effects of Drinking Alcohol Activation was also significant in the right parahippocampal gyrus, left precuneus, left anterior cingulate, and left superior […]